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We are an artisan meat producer. Think of artisan meat like you would fine wine, each ranch (vineyard) offers a unique product and flavor. The commercial beef industry is like taking all of the grapes in California and blending them together and calling it wine. The fine Pinot Noir gets mixed with Boones Farm. Not a good idea.

The yak and bison that we butcher are around two years old. They are born and raised on our ranch under humane and natural conditions: free range, grass fed and they don't get any drugs other than worming. We winter finish with dairy quality alfalfa hay. Our meat is lean, around 5% fat, and has all the health qualities of wild game.

Our business model is low volume, high quality and seasonal. We supply a local market and rely on repeat customers who routinely report that we produce the best red meat they have ever eaten.

We sell by the side (1/2) in the first quarter of the year. You tell the butcher how you want it cut. We use Lower Valley Processing, a state inspected facility. If you want a half for 2013, get your order in early (no later than September), we sell out every year.

We also offer burger, steaks, roasts and jerky; either by mail or by appointment here at the ranch.
Locally you can find our products at:
Withey's Health Foods, Kalispell
Mountain Valley Foods, Kalispell

Hop's Downtown Grill, Kalispell
Split Rock Cafe, Kalispell
Raven Brew Pub and Grill, Bigfork
Glacier Perks Coffee House, Lakeside

Bison Cow
frozen faced bison cow
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