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yak cow and calf N023 Spring Brook Ranch

Spring Brook Ranch is a seedstock yak breeder. We develop and provide high quality yak genetics to other yak breeders, offering all the major yak coloration patterns. We are currently breeding over 40 mature cows with a dozen bulls to choose from. Selective breeding is much like cooking, you should have lots of ingredients to choose from and know how to mix the spices. We have many years of experience with our bloodlines and have refined our genetic base through linebreeding.

 We prefer yak that are robust and stocky, never rangy or coarse. Since yak evolved in extreme climates characterized by long, cold winters a quality yak should have thick wool and a full skirt. It should also have a pronounced forelock and well-developed chaps on the front quarters.

Yak cows should be robust but feminine in appearance, exhibiting good mothering ability, plenty of milk and ease of calving. We select bulls that are masculine but not coarse, that breed aggressively yet are gentle with their cows.

Temperament is another important trait that we select for. We believe yak should be docile and not aggressive toward humans. Our weanlings and yearlings spend time in proximity to people where they become accustomed to human activity and learn respect without undue fear. We enjoy spending time with them and getting to know the unique character of each animal. Joy of ownership is very high with yak.

There are an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 tibetan yak in North America. Many of the yak in the US are what could be considered commercial grade, they are not show stock or exemplary examples of the breed. We concentrate on producing what are known as wooly and extreme-wooly yak. The success of Spring Brook Ranch's seedstock breeding program is reflected in the ribbons won by us and our customers at national level yak shows, we can claim more ribbons and more grand champions than any other yak breeder.


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